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Cafe K in Brooklyn - a word of caution

koshermaven | Dec 29, 200311:49 PM

Someone recommended Cafe K here earlier this month.

They were dropped this year by OK labs because of kashrus violations & the OK took out newspaper ads to warn the public. Although the ads didn't get into specifics, I'm told by people in the field that the violations were in multiple areas, including buying fish filets from sources where it was not possible to determine if the fish was a kosher species. Cafe K then took on the Udvari rov who many people do not trust or have not heard of. Not much later, a bizarre sign from the Star K went up in their window that read something like this: "By request of rabbonim, we are now supervising this restaurant." One rov in Flatbush speculates that local rabbonim figured that many of their congregants would continue eating there regardless of any kosher concerns, so they twisted the arm of a hashgocha to at least keep an eye on the troublemakers. This rov advises people not to eat there even now, because someone looking to cheat can circumvent even a mashgiach temidi breathing down his back.

It's worth noting that according to the sources, the OK repeatedly warned the restaurant to shape up, but to no avail. The OK is not from the hashgochas that terminates you on a first or second violation & some have speculated that they may have gone even easier here on Cafe K which is owned by fellow Lubavitchers. (Yes - if you didn't know, the OK are Lubavitchers).

Personally, I couldn't bring myself to give any business to those who are machtee the rabim.

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