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Is buying a meat grinder worth it?

jljohn | Mar 15, 201204:48 PM

I know the title question is a bit open ended, but that's really what I want to know.

I grocery shopped yesterday and bought everything I would need to make up a batch of bolognese. Tonight, my ground beef and veal were fine, but my pork had already turned. (I am familiar with the sulfur odor that often comes off of pork that has been packaged, and this was bad pork.) In fact, over the last year, I am about 50-50 on grocery-store ground pork spoilage when using it within 48 of my shopping trip. It's really disheartening. Heck, much of the time, I am loath to cook even hamburgers less than medium-well, because I am skeptical of the beef's freshness. This all has me ready to throw in the towel on grocery store ground meat and get myself a grinder.

I tend to use ground meat about once a week, but if I had a grinder and were buying beef and pork to grind, I might use a little more. I have a KA stand mixer but do not want to deal with the attachment and it's grey ooze.

So, with this in mind, is it worth getting a grinder? What would fit my needs? I would want something that will last--I hate using something for a few years and dumping it because it was poorly made. I am not too particular about manual v. powered, as long as it's well made, durable, and produces a quality grind.

Thanks so much!


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