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Help me to buy Green Tea


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Help me to buy Green Tea

toyopl | Jan 20, 2014 09:23 PM

I'm tired of cheap green tea from local asian supermarkets.
I really like the taste of green tea, I like to drink it really warm (not boiling) I like it's bitter taste, and I like when it's stronger, I despise watery green teas.

I would like to get some quality green tea, but have absolutely no idea where and what to order, I read a bit on forums and on google, but there's just so much info that I get confused.

Could you recommend few kind, average priced green teas, so I could get into it and once I learn what's what then I can move onto more expensive kind.
Also matcha really interests me, and I would love to include it in my order aswell to give it a try, curious on the taste.

If anyone has some idiot's Guide to Green Tea I would appreciate a link :)

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