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Burnt ends - moved from Los Angeles board


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Burnt ends - moved from Los Angeles board

Professor Salt | Mar 31, 2005 11:36 PM

This thread is a continuation of a discussion on what burnt ends are, in the context of American Southern barbecue.
There's a flap of "brisket" meat on the inside of a rack of pork spareribs. Some places trim this flap and the chine bone, and the resulting rack is called St. Louis style ribs. The reason it's trimmed is because that thin and somewhat leaner flap meat cooks much faster than the rest of the rack, so it's arguably better to cook the flap separately. These can be smoked until the edges are crisp and lightly singed. Chopped and sauced, it's typically served on a sandwich. Burnt ends are also called burnt tips.

The photo below is from, and shows the flap meat trimmed from the St. Louis rack. VWB is a great place for the home cook to learn how to make great cue.



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