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Bug in Suggested Threads Feed

Melanie Wong | Mar 31, 2012 04:16 PM

Liking the smaller font, blue color making it more clear that these are links, but something has gone wrong with the choice of threads that feed in. On a Phoenix board thread, the threads displayed as
"Phoenix Board discussions" are from many other boards and not related to the regional board:

Cheese production facility visits in France ( 4 replies)

Cheese in Tampa ( 37 replies)

cheese! ( 76 replies)

French raw milk cheese -what are the best that are imported? ( 11 replies)

Costco holiday cheese selection ( 18 replies)

Lactose Free Cheeses: Do They Exist? ( 108 replies)

New Whole Foods, what should I buy? ( 38 replies)

Cheap Goat's Milk in Fresno? ( 2 replies)

Healthy cottage cheese in Montreal? ( 22 replies)

What to eat with cottage cheese? ( 463 replies)

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