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Buffalo Sirloin


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Buffalo Sirloin

Kirk | Oct 28, 2003 11:34 AM

My youngest son, who prides himself on eating unusual combinations and foods (such as -- to the disgust of his siblings -- pepperoni and anchovy pizza), came shopping with me at our local Whole Foods market yesterday afternoon.

As we stood in front of the meat counter, he was smitten with the idea of serving buffalo to his unsuspecting family members, especially his sister. I've eaten ground buffalo and buffalo rib eye steaks before, but the butcher had cut some really nice looking buffalo top sirloin, so I bought one and grilled it last night. I used a Quebec-style seasoning rub on it and cooked it over a charcoal fire to rare/medium rare. Much to my son's initial dismay when he "sprung" what we were all eating on everyone, the family loved it.

The flavor was very deep, very beef-like but different in much the same way that farm-raised venison has a different taste from beef. Not gamey, just "different." It was a bit chewier than a beef sirloin (probably because it was less marbled and clearly leaner than the beef), but was not at all tough when cooked to the degree of doneness we had. I don't know if all Whole Foods around the country carry buffalo, but based on our experience I highly recommend it if you can find it.

Despite my son's initial let-down over not "grossing out" the family with buffalo, he slept well last night knowing that he was going to have finnan haddie for breakfast this morning. It definitely achieved his desired result.

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