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Brush Fire - Gilbert, AZ

ziggylu | Jan 11, 2008 09:09 PM

This is a new place in the spot formerly occupied by Dual(NW Corner of Power and Ray). Apparently it's the same folks that run D-Vine.

Friends of ours wanted to try it out so we all met there this evening for dinner. Haven't been to D-Vine so can't compare with that.

We wanted to like this but came away a bit disappointed. Buffalo Sliders and Crab Cakes were ordered for the table to start....the Sliders were actually very tasty and cooked a perfect medium-rare. The bun to meat ratio was a bit off being heavy on the bun...but it was perfectly toasted. The crab cakes were a bust. Mushy and full of filler. Heavy on the jalepeno and served with a fresh salsa that was too heavy on onions that were very strong.

My husband ordered the roast chicken with prickly pear BBQ sauce. The chicken had flabby skin - no crisp skin on this roast chicken. Sauce was mostly sweet with no particular flavor. He had Jalepeno BBQ beans with this that were OK but also heavy on the sweet. I had what was called Ahi on the menu....if it was it was very low quality. I think it had to have been some other member of the tuna family...maybe albacore? It was overcooked though advertised as "rare' on the menu(came out medium at best)...the molasses chipotle sauce tasted neither of molasses or chipotle...and again was very sweet. Alongside I had the green chile au gratin potatoes. This was the best thing of the night! I could have made a meal of these creamy tender potatoes with just the right amount of kick. Both of us also had the "house salad" which was a much too big bowl of iceberg lettuce with a halved grape tomato, two slice of cucumber and a few kernels of roasted corn thrown in. The house dressing was a sweet Jalepeno vinaigrette - my husband liked this...I thought again too sweet ( a recurring theme it seems).

Around the table the Flat Iron steak with blue cheese sauce was ordered. It was declared to be well cooked but lacking in flavor. The salmon was also declared to be well cooked but the sauce uninspiring. The ceviche was said to be very good and the pasta with salmon was OK. We didn't try any of these.

Prices are reasonable with entrees ranging in the $10-$20 range.

Service was terrible. Rushed. We asked that they slow down but our request was ignored. Salads were served on top of appetizers. Entrees on top of salads(literally, two people were still working on their salads). Food wasn't run to the table at one time but piecemeal with long lags before everyone was served(particularly odd given how rushed the overall service was) Plates were cleared before everyone was finished eating for all three courses(this particularly peeved me...I didn't eat most of my fish and the waiter asked if I wanted a box. Everyone else was still eating...I said No, thank you and asked he leave the plate until others were finished...a few minutes later after someone else at the other end finished he returned and started clearing plates while others were still eating!)

Additionally, there was a band playing. This was actually rather odd...the room is set up as a dining room...the bar is small and by the front door. The band was playing classic rock - Tom Petty, Lou Reed, Steve Miller and the like. It was VERY loud and the sound was very harsh(combination of a bad mix - the vocals were particularly harsh on the ears and needed to be brought down a bit - and the terrible acoustics and layout of the room). We asked if the amps could be turned down just a bit and were told no.

The band itself was very good...in a bar or tavern I'd enjoy listening to them a great deal. Not over dinner though.

Seems these folks are trying to decide what they want to be? Based on the sliders maybe they do burgers and sandwiches well...the prices for these items were all under $10...if this is their strength maybe they should focus on this, redesign the room and bring in entertainment. We'd actually welcome a place in this part of town where we could listen to a good band over a good burger and a beer...and then the service issue would go away as well(or at least be mitigated a bit).

They've only been open a month or so....maybe bugs to be worked out. Won't be rushing back but am curious if they make a decent burger(again that slider was pretty tasty!)...and those potatoes were darn good. Don't bother with any of the entrees though...and bring earplugs on a weekend night!


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