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Brunch @ 8407 Silver Spring

monpetitescargot | Nov 4, 2010 09:33 PM

Okay, I had read the reviews and come to understand that this place is more beneficial to visit at dinner, but we were in the mood for brunch last weekend and live in Silver Spring and didn't want to travel into the district with all the rallys and Halloween going on, etc.

So, we stayed in the 'hood and went to 8407 for brunch as our first experience. True to the reviews I had read on Yelp, the service was super slow even though the place was pretty empty when we arrived at about 11.35.

It took awhile for the waiter to take our drink order (two coffees and a Kir Royale for me- all good) but i liked that they left the chilled water carafe at the table. Nice.

We got the smoked salmon on rye crostini to start. House smoked salmon was good but i was surprised to see it done more in the style of lox, i wish the menu had stated so. it had a lightly smokey flavour and was obviously made in house, the canapes were garnished with purple mustard and a few leaves of arugula and frisee apiece. this was okay. nothing to write home about.

we asked for bread (we're hungry people) and were informed that they only had white bread available. it was actually pretty delicious, it came grilled, with whipped butter.

we barely ever had the opportunity to order anything from our waiter, even though there were three on staff, and as i mentioned before, it wasn't crowded. we mainly had to request things of the backwaiters and food runners. pretty unusual. there was definitely enough staff to cover the amount of tables/people in the building. weird.

anyhow, for mains i had the goat cheese, tomato and basil omelette. there were literally about two slivers of basil in the whole thing. so skimpy. the tomatoes and cheese were basically equally nonexistant, i had one lump of goat cheese in a corner of my omelette, it was aged goat cheese, and it all came out in my first (very small) bite and there was none left in the rest of the dish. that's a very basic and technical error. cut it up and evenly disperse it, please. and give me my damn basil. that being said, the eggs for the omelette were cooked perfectly, fluffy with not a speck of brown in sight. vastly underseasoned, however. i didn't get a hint of salt or pepper. the hash browns were tasty and oniony and seasoned correctly, if served to me room temperature. the DP had steak and eggs, his steak was ordered MR, came medium and the poached eggs were overcooked. the hollandaise was quite lovely, the fries were decent. not worth what we paid, the portion of steak was tiny, esp for it having come out overcooked. we split a side of homemade sausages, which were lovely. flavourful, the fat interspersed was beautiful as was the very expertly crispy casing. there were notes of ginger. it was a perfect breakfast sausage with a delicate balance of sweet and savoury, which is all important for a sausage served at breakfast time. i find that often they come out too much on one side or the other. these were great.

we skipped dessert but i did try the classic champagne cocktail, which was too sweet, i couldn't taste the bitters at all, and it was not served with a demerara sugar cube floating at the bottom, with the effervescence floating to the top, i guess the cava was premixed with a granuled demerara and it was DISGUSTING. ugh. anyhow...

the waiter was rarely available.... and then when i laid 100 dollars down on a 70 dollar tab, he inquired as to if i needed change. as though i would leave a 30 dollar tip on non-existent service. very unprofessional in general. i'm a generous tipper but practically 50% is a little much to expect. just bring me my change and let me tip as i wish, okay? it was a very awkward moment.

because we live in silver spring, i think we will try it once more for dinner, because it has gotten good reviews. never again for brunch. i repeat. NEVER. it was decent, not worth the money. i am sure we will find better spots. i will report back after we try it in the evening hours.

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