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Brining turkey safety

Adam_Saline | Dec 23, 201308:24 AM

Last night about 7 pm I placed two turkeys in brine. These were fresh turkeys I had just purchased, one at 13.75 lb and the other at 14.25 lb. Both had ice crystals in the cavity with I unpacked them. These were placed in separate 5 gallon buckets, with brine for each consisted of 1 lb salt, 1 lb brown sugar, and 1.5 chopped green apples, 4 lb of ice, and the remainder to cover the birds was 36ish degree water from my fridge. Lidded buckets were placed my garage, which I think averaged about 55 degrees overnight. This is much warmer than typical this time of year. When I went out this morning at about 945, I found that the temp in the buckets was about 52 degrees. There was a ton of condensation on the buckets, so I think they were colder than the garage for some time.
My questions is: Are these turkeys safe to eat if cooked throughly?
I know that proper cooking will kill bacteria, but are there toxins that bacteria produce that will not break down during cooking?
I also think that the salt and sugar in the brine should limit bacteria growth, but that is just a hunch.
I know the safe play is to toss them, but hate to over react and waste them. Any advice and insight is greatly appreciated. I have brined successfully many times before, but did not account for the warm temp in the garage. I should have added more ice this time.

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