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Bringing your own to a restaurant?


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Bringing your own to a restaurant?

cheesecake17 | Jan 26, 2011 10:53 AM

I was in a quick salad/sandwich type place yesterday - the kind where they have a make-your-own tossed salad bar. There's seating (I sat yesterday) but most people just take their food to go.

So.. as I was eating lunch.. I saw a woman pop open her salad container and take an avocado out of her bag and start to slice it on her salad. It's not like the restaurant doesn't offer avocado as a topping and it's not like it's that much cheaper to buy an avocado. (It's $1.50 to add avocado to a salad and $1.50 or so to buy a whole avocado)

Am I crazy for thinking this was totally wrong?

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