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Breath of a Wok


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Breath of a Wok

joypirate | Sep 24, 2004 08:05 AM

Wow. I read about this book in two different magazines (though actually it might have been just in Saveur twice) and I’m really impressed. It easily has the best stir-fry recipes I’ve seen anywhere as well as fascinating, well-written anthropological studies of people and their relation to their woks throughout history. It has info on picking a wok, pros & cons of different kinds, different recipes for seasoning your wok (this morning I just finished reading the author’s theorizing with help from some scientists on the possible antibacterial benefits of seasoning a wok with Chinese chives), and plenty of frickin fantastic recipes.

It's the kind of exhaustively researched, nuanced book that would appeal to most hounds, I feel.


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