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"Bookmarking" made difficult


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"Bookmarking" made difficult

wka | Oct 22, 2006 02:46 AM

I enjoy being able to bookmark threads I find interesting and see them appear on the "my CHOW" page. I see that bookmarking has moved to the new "Topic Options" menu at the top right of each thread.

Previously, bookmarking a thread would take one click -- just clicking "bookmark" beneath the first post would do it.

Now, bookmarking takes 4 clicks:

1) Click "Topic Options"
2) Click Bookmark
3) Wait for Bookmark dialog box to appear. Click the "Bookmark this topic" checkbox.
4) Click "Close" to get rid of the dialog box

I think this is several clicks too many. I realize you probably want to explain bookmarking to users in the dialog box, but doing so every time a user wants to bookmark a topic is overkill.

If the user has never bookmarked something before, perhaps the dialog box should be displayed. Otherwise, why not just allow bookmarking with 2 clicks?

1) click "Topic Options"
2) click bookmark

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