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Bloating on airplanes

Allice98 | Sep 14, 200906:32 AM

So I and traveling internationally at the end of this week. As a vegetarian I already have a lot of trouble finding decent things to eat in the airports etc that are good for me, and that don't have white flour etc.

I assume that many others have the same sorts of issues as I do - refined flour, white rice, pasta and other processed foods cause me to bloat some normally on ground, but when I get the air on the plane it gets worse. You can't walk around etc and it just gets worse with swollen fingers etc. By the time I land I am miserable. The food also makes me sleepy - and irritable!

If I was on the ground and traveling by car I will load up on only veggies and whole grains before traveling long distance. For whatever reason eating no refined carbs just seems to work for me when sitting for so long. What do any of you eat when traveling by plane when normal healthy options like you would eat at home aren't at your fingertips? I am looking for any suggestions that you have. Anything that will make me feel light as the air I was traveling in by the time I get to my destination is welcome!

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