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Those [bleep]ards!!! (a cola rant)


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Those [bleep]ards!!! (a cola rant)

Karl | Jul 18, 2001 12:12 AM

So I get a bottle of Jolt Cola today, take a sip, and decide that the taste is *way* off. A quick perusal of the ingredients list reveals that they're now using corn syrup instead of sugar.

What the heck??? Jolt was just about the only cola that was actually made with sugar instead of corn syrup (the slogan was "All the sugar and twice the caffeine")--and now they've gone and changed the formula. This *really* annoys me.

Okay, so this isn't exactly world-shaking, but I'm still ticked that the mighty beverage that got so many of us through sleepless nights in college is now but a pale (and nasty-tasting) shadow of its former self.

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