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bento box, lunch and laziness


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bento box, lunch and laziness

drdawn | Jan 9, 2004 08:38 AM

I got a bento box for xmas (Yippie! Even has silly English on it as well). I've been trying to concoct easy peasy lunches for it (or for anything else really-it's not too watertight): The only time I have to make them is inevitably when I'm tired. By the time i've cooked dinner I can't bear to think about doing something again. There is no microwave at work, nor are we allowed to get one (if it blows, the landlord doesn't want to get sued). I have been known to office heat, (i.e., boil the kettle, put the water in a bigger bowl in which my food-filled smaller bowl is suspended), however this makes leftovers just as much of a pain as anything else.

I can deal with making some things ahead, like on a weekend, but when it gets closer to the end of the week, cooking while tired is unavoidable. I can't get good lunchmeat where I live, but most other things are fairly easily had.

Now, I have of late taken to making sushi and it suits my lazy tendencies--make one lot of rice, and roll it up as needed. I use smoked salmon b/c getting sushi grade fish is also impossible. Inauthentic, I know but tastes good. But alas, a girl can only eat so much sushi w/ yuppie salad (i.e., the kind that comes in bags).

If anyone can come up with lunch ideas, I'd be very happy (as well as impressed!).


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