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wawajb | Jul 19, 2007 07:53 AM

Hey all,
We're doing our first big group dinner in our house, and I wanted to get input on the menu. The party's not for another month, so we've got lots of time to futz with the food. Right now we are looking at about 10-15 people, all in their 20's and with the exception of my BF and I, not very adventurous eaters. (Def. meat and potatoes types...though living in the Chesapeake Bay area they all love seafood as well) And absolutely everything either needs to be cooked in advance or outside because our house is pretty small and heats up quickly when we use the kitchen. We have a fairly large charcoal grill and a big portable propane stove with a griddle. We also want to keep the cost of this meal under control. The guests are bringing all the beverages, so we've just got to get their bellies full.

Menu at the moment:

Spinach dip in bread bowl
veggie tray (for dipping and just eating)
chips and dip (perhaps ina's pan fried onion dip I've heard so much about)
crab stuffed mushrooms <grill - perhaps very lightly foiled or in a disposable pan?>

Slow grilled/roasted pork shoulder (something along the lines of the zuni mock porchetta, but on the grill with low indirect heat, and probably a slightly different flavor profile on the herby rub.) <grill>
Brats <griddle with a big pile of onions...then into a pan with beer to hold (still on griddle)>
(rolls/ciabatta and cheese and condiments provided with these to make various porky/sausagey sandwiches)

Corn on the cob <steamed on propane stove. no room on the grill>
cucumber salad (creamy, but with a vinegar twang)
Pasta salad (vinegar based)

Fruit salad / sliced watermelon

so what else? What instead? And how many pounds of pork do we need for a group of 15, split pretty evenly male/female, with some big eaters among the guys? (assuming we make ~10 brats) Any changes you'd make to cooking methods? And I'd love to have the excuse to make an extravagant dessert (I love to bake) but it seemed excessive with all the fatty porky goodness to whip out a big pie or cake something at the end.

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