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barbecue in a hurry?


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barbecue in a hurry?

john clark | May 28, 2004 02:22 PM

I have read on other boards, and on a current thread on the Texas board, about cooking barbecue at temperatures as high as 400 degrees, finishing whole briskets and pork butts in several hours instead of twelve or so. Anyone out there who's tried both? Direct heat, indirect heat? Would we be turning this brisket, if using direct heat? One would think so, but then what about that fat cap?

The whole idea sounds bogus to me, like some of the arcane mojo the competition guys get into, with sheets of foil and pans of water and super-duper-secret rubs etc. OTOH these are pretty athoritative sources: a guy in front of the feed store in Dime Box Texas, a big ol fat cracker who makes cookers out of 500-gal propane tanks... Anyone?

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