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Baking bread at 450...What can withstand the temp?


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Baking bread at 450...What can withstand the temp?

rHairing | Oct 20, 2012 04:46 PM

Hey Hounds,

I have tried to research this but with the exception of Le Creuset, I'm coming up blank. I have recently started playing around with no knead bread recipes. The long and the short is you stick it in a dutch oven to bake in the oven at 450.

I used my Circulon dutch oven. It survived but judging from the popping noises, I won't do it again. I have an old Visions cookware dutch oven but I can't find the max temp it can take and looking at the thread on exploding Pyrex, I'm thinking not a good idea.

The only brand that advertises the temp is the one mentioned above which is rather pricey for me.

Any thoughts on another brand?

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