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Bagels - To crunch or not to crunch ?


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Bagels - To crunch or not to crunch ?

beginnerchow | Jan 17, 2007 01:08 PM

Ok, a big complaint I have, and have noticed it in MANY bagel shops I go to or other misc places I buy a single bagel is why can nobody toast my bagel? Are bagels suppose to be chewy and cold? Is that the way they were intended to be eaten?

I get so thrilled about my morning bagel with "everything" on it and creamy cold shmear oozing out and I anticipate the crunch of the hot bagel and to my disspointment I get a chewy,lukewarm bagel..

I rarely complain but.. what is the real standard here?How are they REALLY suppose to be served and how do YOU like your bagel?

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