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One bad new place, one bad old place, no good news


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One bad new place, one bad old place, no good news

Orik | Jul 24, 2001 05:02 PM

3 Muses

It took me a while to figure this out, but usage of the term "wine bar" in mpls does not mean that an establishment has an extensive or otherwise interesting wine list, but rather that it doesn't serve hard liquor due to some anachronistic licensing scheme.

Three muses, that recently opened on 28th and Lyndale, is just that kind of an establishment. Its wine menu is quite limited and nearly all of the selection is in the too-low-to-be-good price range. Two glasses of some forgetable French red wine (I think at about $6/glass) were served at room temperature (around 78 degrees) and either came from a bottle that's been open for a while or else the wine was just oxidized to begin with. As for food, we started with a smoked fish platter, that featured hot-smoked salmon that was dry to the level of being brittle and an edible side of smoked trout. These were accompanied by some slices of rather tasteless roasted beet.

We continued with a disasterously bad couscous with shrimp and eggplant (that is, raw eggplant, some not-really-couscous steamed pasta and a watery sauce with about a pound of cinnamon) and the star of the meal - sirloin skewered on a rosemary leaf - nice meat which was good as long as I didn't let it touch the sauce.

All in all, a really bad place that needs an urgent chef implant. Decor is nice though.

The Bayport Cookery

If any (further) evidence is needed of why Zagat should never be taken seriously, the Bayport Cookery is it. With 27 zagat points for food, this place describes itself as serving "avant garde French cuisine" and yet has the audacity to serve a dish of veal in cream sauce on a puff pastry shell in its "Taste of France" menu. I won't bother you with all the details of our experience there, suffice it to say it was more absurde than avant-garde. The reason why zagat ranks it so high could possibly be explained by the amount of plaid in the room.

Critic Bashing

Finally, I remember some argument about Mr. Iggers skills as a restaurant reviewer a while back. Please read his review of Nora's and decide whether you think that "Some of it was pretty good, and some quite mediocre." or like his dining companion, that " insisted that his meal was one of the worst he had ever had. "


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