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Bad food

queenscook | Jan 18, 2010 01:34 PM

I was wondering if others have had the same experience as I and how they felt about it.

I was at a meal the other day and people there were strongly complimenting a home-baked cookie that I found, after one bite, no point whatsoever in finishing. I have also been at other meals where the hostess' food was truly lacking taste. This woman feels salt is so dangerous, I believe she leaves it out of recipes entirely. She often serves soup that tastes like a bowl of water with some chunks of vegetables in it. And gets compliments on it!

I guess I understand wanting to be polite, but what if the same people complimenting these poorly made foods are the same ones that also compliment your cooking and baking? And am I supposed to compliment food I find truly lacking? Am I just being too honest for my own good, if I refuse to lie and compliment bad food?

What to do?

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