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authentic pizza/sauce

babette feasts | Sep 22, 2005 09:17 PM

At least here in the SF bay area, it seems there is a new wave of 'authentic' pizzerias, where the chef has studied in Italy, uses imported flour, etc. Last night I was at one of these new places and was surprised that my pie had no sauce. Now, I know that the white pizza is a valid part of tradition, it just surprised me that they didn't delineate on the menu which pizzas were white and which had tomato sauce (as the previous such restaurant I dined at had spelled out clearly).

Question: are we all just supposed to have learned by now that anything not called pizza marinara is not going to have tomato sauce? It's fine if they are working on changing the American pizza experience to a more authentic one, but is it too much to ask for them to be more clear about whether they are a red-sauce house or a no sauce house, or is it the diner's responsibility to base her expectations on more exhaustive research?

Frankly, the onions on the pie that were not listed on the menu were a greater disappointment, just curious about others' expectations at 'fancy' pizzerias.

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