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"Authentic" Food [Split from Northgate Foods thead on California]


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"Authentic" Food [Split from Northgate Foods thead on California]

honkman | Jul 24, 2006 01:10 AM

I know it has nothing to do with the new supermarket but there were two comments about yogurt and their comparison to European ones. The only one I have found so far in the US which comes somehow close to European yogurt is Pavel's (a russian one you get at WF and Henry's) the rest of them (Trader Joes, Brown Cow etc.) have absolute nothing to do with European (or non-European) yogurt and just taste horrible. The main problem is that most yogurts here are low or no fat one which you will hardly find anywhere in Europe. For some reason people here seem to forget that one of the main ingredients for taste in yogurt (and any kind of food) is fat (as every food chemistry book will tell you) and by reducing the amount of fat you will of course reduce the amount of taste. And please nobody starts now a discussion how bad fats are and why we have to avoid them. Those people only show that they haven't understood anything about food, taste and balanced diet

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