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Asian-Americans- Your Homestyle Dishes?


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Asian-Americans- Your Homestyle Dishes?

thejulia | Mar 24, 2008 11:00 AM

I hardly ever attempt the stuff my parents made at home, much less my favorite dishes from restaurants. But I do plenty of simple Asian-ish/Chinese-y dishes. You'd never find these in a restaurant (esp not a fusion), my mom would disdain them, but they are my staples and I only really make them for myself. Generally speaking they are 1) really simple, 2) healthy.

Here are my examples. Anyone else have any?
1) White cut chicken (also Hainan Chicken):
Organic chicken, brought to boil in plenty of water, let boil a bit, turn heat off till the it's cool enough to handle. Chop up. Should still be pink at the bones, extra tender. Serve with plenty of dipping sauce with soy, chili, ginger, garlic and scallions. If I'm not too lazy, I'll make some rice with the broth, but usually I just save the broth for something else.

2) Tofu salad:
Silken tofu, soy sauce, sesame oil, green scallions (very thin sliced)
Optional add ons are sriracha, thousand year old egg, bonito, umeboshi, lots of quick sauteed greens with garlic of any sort.

3) Fish Claypot:
Throw napa cabbage, preferably fresh shitake slices, slivers of ginger, garlic, squirt in some soy, fish sauce and water. Put it in the oven. Then when it's all boiling, put in some fish to cook till tender. Much better the next day. Very light.

These are all based on real dishes, but I skip or mess around with steps. I hope I generally retain the essence... I just make something that reminds me of dishes I liked, but within 20 min prep/cooking time requirements.

Any other Asian-Americans have embarrassingly easy, homestyle dishes they make for themselves? Please share!

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