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Apple Tarte Tatin Musings and Requested Opinions


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Apple Tarte Tatin Musings and Requested Opinions

Emme | Jun 10, 2010 10:40 AM

hey all... planning to mess around with apple tarte tatin this weekend, and curious as to some opinions on the following questions/issues...

i'm going to make a sour cream/butter dough... not unsure about this.

debating on type of apple... granny smith vs. pippin vs. fuji -- i know big differences, and was considering a combo but not really thinking that's gonna be good. granny i like for the tartness and texture, but i'm also kind of a fuji whore (plus i have two bags to use up -- i'll make apple butter, if worse comes to worst).

debating whether to make the caramel separately, then add the apples and bake. or whether to simmer the apples and let them caramelize together. am i just being lazy? i also saw a recipe where they allowed the caramelization to happen, then cooled in an ice bath til a brittle formed and then placed that in a pan topped with apples and pastry and baked...

a fantasy of mine also involves using brown sugar, but i know it won't work as well... at least, i think it won't given the moisture. but oh man, i just prefer this stuff when i can use it. anyone have experience subbing some or all of the sugar for brown?

i also plan to add a little vanilla to my caramel... need to figure out when to do this as well, once i determine my method.

skillet vs cake pan (vs tart pan) - i need a new cast iron skillet. i was looking at recipes where people made it in a cake pan, and it looked convenient, but not sure how well it will really work. i also love the idea of a free form tart pan, but then that just seems to present an added challenge... maybe i'm wrong. i'm also concerned about de-molding, regardless of method, given that i'd be buying a new cast iron skillet, and it really won't be seasoned.

also plan to sprinkle a dash of sea salt over the caramel or fleur de sel, but when this is done, will depend upon which method i use. part of me wants to wait to sprinkle fleur de sel after the unmolding and inverting process...

alrighty... so that's my list of musings on the topic... i've made tarte tatin before, but i want to play for my mom's birthday. (and next time, i'm going to make a pumpkin or possibly ube tarte tatin... but that's for another thread, i suppose.)


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