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Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential on FOX - Melrose Place


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Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential on FOX - Melrose Place

elmomonster | Jul 18, 2005 01:05 PM

Saw the teaser for Kitchen Confidential teaser during the Simpsons last night. I was looked like Melrose Place in a restaurant. Then I read the plotline on the FOX website.

It IS Melrose Place in a restaurant! (Darren Star is producing after all)

Here is the text of the plotline taken from:

"Based on renowned chef Anthony Bourdain's best-selling autobiography and from executive producer Darren Star ("Sex and the City") and Dave Hemingson ("Just Shoot Me," "American Dad"), KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL exposes the secrets of the restaurant business through the delectable story of a talented chef who's determined to climb back to the top of the food game.

Chef JACK BOURDAIN (Bradley Cooper) found enormous success at a young age. Unfortunately, Jack's culinary genius also let to a lifestyle of boozing, womanizing and drugs - excesses that eventually landed him in the gutter. After hitting rock bottom and deciding to sober up, the only job he could get was slopping soggy pasta for the masses at a tacky opera-themed restaurant.

Out of the blue, Jack is offered an opportunity to get back in the game as head chef at a top New York restaurant. There's just one problem: the owner gives Jack a mere 48 hours to fully staff his kitchen and prepare to dazzle over 300 customers - including the food critic for the New York Times (who also happens to be a jilted ex).

Jack hastily assembles a renegade crew of colleagues from his past, including chefs STEVEN (Owain Yeoman), SETH (Nicholas Brendon) and a rookie pastry chef named JIM (John Francis Daley). Also along for the ride are TANYA (Jaime King), the hostess, and MIMI (Bonnie Somerville), the owner's gorgeous daughter who can't wait for Jack to fail."

Whatever it will be like...I am guessing it's going to be a heck of a lot better than that Emeril's NBC trainwreck.

With this show and his upcoming Travel Channel series, it's going to be a Bourdain year.


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