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Ann Arbor 36 hour trip report (aka the Zingerman's tour)

stuartlafonda | Sep 1, 201709:00 AM    

Dropped my daughter off for her senior year, where does the time go.
On a food note, we stopped at the President's Open House and met him in the backyard, solid chocolate chip cookies were served.

Upon early arrival from the airport we went directly to The Cream Top Shop. I had never been to the complex before and while I found the complex oddly sterile, once inside the venues it was all good.
1. A delicious melty Manchester and fig jam on true north with an added slice of La Quercia prosciutto, made for an excellent sandwich. My daughter's three cheese plate with fig jam, nuts and honey was also delicious. While the true north was a good choice my daughter's wheat crackers were non descript and left uneaten. With some Rose from a bottle grabbed from the refrigerator case we had a nice lunch in the sun. Before leaving though we went back in for some gelato. Fine, not that special. hazelnut, blueberry and maple pecan were nice but I don't know that I would go out of my way for it.

2. After a few hours of " building" furniture for her room, and building an appetite we headed over to the mothership on Detroit street. My daughter had her favorite, the Cowboy Reuben (Q sauced brisket) and I went with the Brooklyn Reuben (pastrami) and a giant latke. Now I believe that latkes like tostones need to go hot oil, paper towel, salt and into the mouth in under two minutes. I wanted a knish, my daughter wanted a latke. I asked the women if they are reheated she said no so we got one. By the time it arrived at our lovely picnic table it was barely room temperature. It was good but I should have gone knish. The sandwiches were awesome. Great tasting high quality ingredients on that delicious rye in the right ingredient to bread ratio. this one is an all-time favorite sandwich of mine..

3. The next morning I returned to the complex to visit the Coffee Shop. At my visit the previous day I was intrigued by the giant grid. Coffee variety along the top, brew method on the side. I went with Ethiopian/Chemex and was delighted. First, I was surprised as I have never received coffee in a glass 16oz tumbler, with a cardboard heat shield. No milk or sugar. It was a really excellent glass of coffee. So good after pondering the issue of switching over to Chemex, this made the decision. The cinnamon bun was acceptable but not much more.

4. We also did brunch at Zola. I love their crab cake benedict, but not their potatoes. To big and undercooked. My daughter loved her huevos ranchero dish. Good coffee and juice. It has become our regular brunch spot in Ann Arbor.

I will be back again Columbus Day, whether or not it is still a holiday, and will check out some of the more upscale spots in town.

Go Blue

Café Zola
Zingerman's Creamery
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