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Alaska (Ketchikan, Juneau, Seward and Anchorage) Trip Report 2016

stuartlafonda | Aug 22, 201601:48 PM    

Just got back and thought I would post my notes

New York Café a small retro décor spot at the end of Creek street. I had a delicious poke dish of local salmon and something delicious they called wild beach asparagus. They added some little savory bits and nori and it was excellent. My wife had a nice bowl of fish chowder, satisfying and huge

Fried Fish Truck at the pier. As I ran on to the ship with just a few minutes to spare I grabbed a fried fish sandwich. Not good. Each piece had a little tear drop shape in the opposite corners, identical in that they are buying frozen patties and dropping then in the fryer. They were so thin I couldn't even taste the fish. Should have gone to Alva's up the road where another person told me they had a long wait but good food.

Filipino food shop on a street one block from the port. Poked my head in, huge room with a little steam table with about six authentic looking items. I passed on the blood sausage dish. Some crew from the boat were enjoying a meal while I was snooping.

The Hanger. We only had time for one meal as we packed lunch to eat between whale watching and the Mendenhall Glacier hike. Excellent tomato based fish chowder, better then the famous version from Jack's at the Pike Place Market that I had eaten a week earlier. Clam chowder was just pasty thick. Had some perfectly grilled halibut and salmon with cold king crab legs. An all around good meal with solid service and a nice harbor view.

Filipino Food Cart, between The Hanger and the ship as we walked back I spotted this place and had to give it a try. A stellar 'bbq'd" pork skewer. Not an overcooked grisly piece of any meat. This was perfectly grilled and tasty. I also purchased a banana lumpia that I never got to try because my son gobbled it up while my back was turned. He said it was very good.

Mr. Gene's in the Hotel Seward, had breakfast while staying there. Again, solid to very good. omelet was full of vegetables and properly cooked as were the pancakes. All the fruit was ripe enough and tasty.

Seward Brewing Company was a real mixed bag. The chowder was eh, very thick and the seafood separately cooked and dropped in at serving. Poke was bad, so drenched in soy that it had no other taste, fried fish taco also not good. It could have been any fish. The halibut yellow curry was a bland and tasteless broth without any heat but the halibut was seared and perfectly cooked. Farmer's ale and house brewed root beer were good.The Cookery looked and sounded great but was closed on Monday.

Sweet Darlings in the Brown Hawkins building. Seward's oldest building and a 100 year old company. Great story and excellent product. Delicious fudge and excellent ice cream. Also very good coated nuts.

I wanted to try Glacier Brewhouse but it was a 45 minute wait and a local had talked up Humpy's so...
Dinner at Humpy's. A mixed bag. A fun loud place, solo guitar competing with an Olympics watching crowd of beer drinkers. The Kachemak Bay oysters were superior. Briny medium sized, could have eaten another six washed down with one of their local brewed beers. The salmon grilled perfectly with a scoop of real mashed potatoes (skin in the mix) and a scatter of squash was a near perfect meal. The crab salad though was a mayonnaise sweet mess and the crabby patty satisfied my SpongeBob loving son, but anyone else would have been disappointed. The berry crisp ending was excellent and disappeared in a minute upon the onslaught of four spoons.

MA's Gourmet Dogs. I have seen and read about the guy so I had to stop. Excellent street meat and it was quiet, we were the only customers, so he was on his best behavior and was quite personable.

Alaska Railroad Coastal Classic was one of the best things we did in Alaska. Four hours of bliss. We did Gold Dome which comes with a sit down meal. Loved the old school booths with jaw dropping scenery. Food was acceptable. Crusted fish was good fish with good well done hash browns after they all fell off. Spaghetti in tomato sauce was well, spaghetti in tomato sauce. Pot roast was a solid block and the chicken parm was a lesson in why we fry chicken cutlets and not bake them before adding sauce and cheese. Salmon chowder was very good. The little mousse cups was both a cute idea and a tasty finish.

I loved Alaska, whatever we paid the Russians it was an even better real estate deal then Manhattan from the local native tribe for $24 worth of junk.

Alaska, what a place. Amazing.

Hotel Seward
Seward Brewing Company
Sweet Darlings
Glacier Brewhouse
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