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Aggressive dim sum strategy

rworange | Feb 12, 200810:52 AM

In a discussion about a dim sum meal where a poster had trouble getting the best dishes and service one poster had what seemed to me like good advice

"It's a dog-eat-dog world at a dim sum restaurant ... My tip is to be really aggressive in ordering. Here are some things I do at a dim sum restaurant:

1) If I don't see something I want in the trays that come by, I ask for it. If they say someone else has it, I ask them to ask that person to swing by.

2) If I don't get what I ordered on the sheet any time soon, I ask the waiter. Not the bus boy or the women steering the carts, but the person that's usually dressed more formally and is the one that cashes you out at the end of the meal. If asking him or her doesn't get any response, I ask another person dressed formally. I make it a team effort.

3) I make friends with the women steering over. So after asking them what they have, I might joke about the crowds or their shift or what the cook might be doing that day. If I'm friendly with one, then hopefully she'll come back with different selections or send some of her friends over"

Another poster chimed in ...

"I've was in some place (can't recall the name) where patrons actually stood at the kitchen door and hovered in wait for their choice dish. (I joined in once...)"

So, any other tips for getting the good stuff at a dim sum restaurant and the attention of the staff (in a good way)?

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