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Advice Needed - Honey Brown Stage of beer appreciation


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Advice Needed - Honey Brown Stage of beer appreciation

n00b | Mar 13, 2007 12:33 PM

I read a post on here about the different stages a beer drinker can go through in terms of beer appreciation. While I do not want to re-hash that very interesting discussion, I did recognize myself as being in the "second stage" of beer appreciation, where I am starting to look for Honey Brown/tastier types of beers. So, I humbly come to you, experienced beer drinkers, and request that you think waaaaaay back to the time you started to care about taste. And I mean when you first started caring. Because lately I am into Bass Ale, which might not even fit into this category, so I not what you would call very far along in my beer appreciation journey. So, does anyone have any recommendations to help me along?

I am pretty well travelled and have had beer in Europe and Asia so the only thing this request is about it helping me along in this second stage of the journey, if that makes any sense. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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