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No. 9 Park

lola22 | Nov 13, 2009 07:35 PM

Just went after wanting to go for so long.

The food here was a very big disappointment to us. We have eaten all over the world, all over Italy, Spain and France and the best parts of the US and never had a meal we wish we had not put into out mouths.

What they did to foie gras was simply an abomination. Grilling it? Ruined every thing that foie gras stands for. It ended up tasting like chicken skin. I can't shake the food memory of that and I really want to. Badly. Dreadful consistency.

The gnocchi were ok, certainly not the best dish in town as it has been rated.

The porcelet was four types of pork completely destroyed. Alternately dry, stringy or flavored in such a way as to overpower the pork. Less IS more. The apple was the best item on the plate.

The concord grape calfouti with little cubes of grape jelly and the worst thing every made from peanuts--I wish I had never tasted this. Too sweet or too bitter depending on which part hit your tongue first. Again, just thinking about this dish makes me want to wash out my mouth.

I wish I had the nerve to send the entire table of food back. Along with the $12 glass of red wine that reeked of chlorine.

We should have gone to Hammersley's and you should too. In fact, save your $350 and go twice.

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