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Am I the only one??


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Am I the only one??

Laurenjo28 | Jul 27, 2011 04:18 PM

Saying I'm the ONLY teen who visits Chowhound is pretty broad, but for the short time I've been visiting the site, it seems to be older cooks participating in the threads.

Just to be clear, notice I said OLDER, not OLD ;-P

I love to bake, so I will admit, some of the meals and ingredients mentioned here are a bit out of my range, but that is why I love visiting. It is a learning experience. I believe in steady improvement and by reading different posts and threads, I can venture away from my common yeast breads and attempt to create a much more complicated dish. So with that being said, am I the only teen cook who happens to think this way? Again, I know that is a bold statement, but I can honestly say that to my knowledge, I know of no other younger cook that frequents Chow like I do.

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