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7 nights in Tokyo - Please help me chose and refine my list!


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7 nights in Tokyo - Please help me chose and refine my list!

OliverB | Apr 30, 2013 06:00 PM

I'll be spending 7 nights in Tokyo this coming October.

In fact, I'll be spending 30-days travelling all across Japan for my honeymoon - but I'd prefer to start with Tokyo as it's our first destination, so that's the focus of the thread! ;)

I would like to do 2 sushi restaurants.

I've been planning for Seito and Araki.

Kanesaka and Yoshitake are also on my radar, but from reading through this forum, it seems as though Seito and Araki are the most interesting and distinctive. Am I off to a good start so far?

That leaves 5 more nights.

I was planning 3 of those at RyuGin, Ginza Okuda, and Ishikawa.

I'm worried that these choices may be too similar however. They all serve modern kaiseki style meals and I would appreciate your advice and suggestions as to whether any of these choices should be altered or swapped out as I don't want things to get boring. Kanda was also on my radar, but the above 3 seemed most interesting. Again, your opinions on this would be very helpful.

That leaves 2 mire nights.

Aronia de Takazawa is a must for me. I've been following feedback both here and through travel blogs, review sites, etc. and I'm very much looking forward to our meal at this restaurant; it seems like a unique dining experience!

I would like to do 1 high-end tempura meal.

I have the following on my radar and am undecided as to which would be best: Seiju, Konda, Yokota, Raku-tei.

I'm leaning towards either Seiju or Konda (though one CH poster seems to feel Yokota is the way to go) - what do you think?
Please help me decide!

Other restaurants we have considered, yet did not make the cut due to time restraints, were Tofuya Ukain and Argento Aso.

We decided that if we were to eat a single meal on our trip that was not Japanese, it should be Italian! Afterall, pasta originated in the East and I'd be curious to see how a modern Asian kitchen translates their version of Italy, which culinarily is so deeply rooted in Eastern heritage yet imported to Europe and the West and has since become such a strong and symbolic cultural trait of their cuisine. I think we'll probably give Argento a pass however, as we could eat this sort of food elsewhere.

On to lunches now...

Nodaiwa for unagi seems a must.

Butagumi for tonkatsu as well, although Maisen was also a consideration.

If you had to chose between a single tonkatsu lunch in Tokyo, which of the two would it be and why - Butagumi or Maisen?

Tempura Tsunahachi Honten is on the short list for lunchtime tempura and a contrast to the more refined Michelin dining selections above. A good call?

For ramen, I have Gogyo and Rokurinsha Tokyo Ramen Station. Gogyo seems a must. What about Rokurinsha? Are these good choices? Ichiran was also recommended to me, but seemes less interesting from what research I've done. Again, I put the discerning vote to you knowledgable CH'ers!

For soba, I'm told that Hirosaku is divine, however it seems more of a kaiseki restaurant with soba as a side. Am I correct in this observation and is it worthy of a lunch meal?

Sarashina-Horii was also on the short list. Of the two (Sarashina-Horii and Hirosaku) which would you recommend for soba, and should Hirosaku be on the list regardless, soba or not? Feel free to make other suggestions as well!

For breakfasts, brunches and snacks, we'll be wandering the Shinjuku Takashimaya, Iseta and Takashimaya courts, as well as the stalls at Tsukiji Market.

Omusubi Gonbei also seems like a good breakfast option.

That should cover all 7 days and nights... I think a second thread would be required for cocktails alone as my list is triple the size of our eating & dining file! :)

Please post your thoughts, feedback, suggestions and any other bits of advice or recommendations you might have!

I should briefly mention that we will be travelling a lot to many smaller and more rural towns over the course of 30 days, and will be sampling many of the more rustic regional cuisines, as well as plenty of bento meals from the countless ryokans we have booked. We'll also be spending 5 nights in Kyoto, 4 nights in Osaka and 3 nights in Nagasaki - of the major cities! I will start a separate thread for each, as I'm not entirely familiar with the many districts in each city and I do not want this thread to get too complicated or confusing, where people end up recommending places in different cities and it gets too difficult to follow. I'll also start one inclusive thread in future to cover all of the small towns and villages we'll be passing through between big cities. I only mention this so that you view this thread and it's content in proper context and to take these considerations of regional dining, bentos, market stalls and street food in contrast to our more refined dining itinerary in Tokyo. Hope that makes sense! :)

Thanks so much for any help, advice and tips you can offer!

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