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I have $40. Family of 3. 5 dinners


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I have $40. Family of 3. 5 dinners

cb1 | Oct 1, 2010 06:09 PM

Being the smart one that I am (not), I was complaining to my wife that she spent to much on groceries for the week. (Gentlemen, I don't reccommend doing this. What was I thinking?) Didn't go over so well, so I was challenged to do it cheaper. Kind of like the old game show "Name that Song", well I said I could do it for 40 buck or under. I do most of the cooking on the weekends, I find it relaxing and I get to play with the grill (fire!) But during the week our schedules are so crazy that we need quick easy to fix meals. Which she's usually in charge of. This is for Sunday night through Thursday. (Friday's our schedule is really messed up). So here's what I'm thinking, please give input.

Sunday - Roasted chicken and roasted potatoes.
(chicken is on sale .99 pound figure 6 bucks. Potatoes on sale 5lbs for 1.50. Onions on sale 1.50 for 2lbs)

Monday - Pulled pork sandwiches. Potatoe salad.
(pork should on sale .99 pound figure six bucks. Already bought potatoes. Have eggs, mustard, etc)

Tuesday - Fajitas
(use left over chicken, have a bag of frozen peppers & onions and tortillas and sourcream etc.)

Wednesday - Turkey chilli
(turkey on sale for 3 bucks, figure 6 bucks for beans, tomatoes, tomatoe paste, chili en adoboe, have onions and garlic)

Thursday - Pulled pork agin. (We love it, so it won't be a problem twice in one week)

I figure I'm at about 24 dollars so far, and I'm thinking about six or so dollars for the rolls, cheese, etc. So I'm at 30 bucks.....what am I forgetting? I will be cooking everything on Sunday (the chicken and pork shoulder) and the chilli I will cook the night before. So everything should be heat and eat ready!

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