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Spent 4 days in Marrakech, staying in the medina. Had some lovely meals and some great experiences (and not so great ones).


Here were our favorites:
#14: visited this stall twice for fried sole (amazing and fresh) and eggplant side. lots of locals and tourists alike. the locals seem to especially like the boukakouch (battered fish that's similar to monkfish).
#55: tanjia from the cart in front (a special Marrakech dish of beef or lamb stew with preserved lemons made in an urn, not to be confused with tagine, made in the iconic conical vessel) and a "salad" (great roasted eggplant, roasted pepper, and a battered fried potato). note: they will try to drop "extras" in front of you, but if you don't want them you should say no or they will charge you. despite this I found the owner to be fairly honest, as he let us refuse to pay for the items he dropped off that we didn't eat and also threw in a few extras for free.
#45: great orange juice with a friendly worker who was happy to squeeze the juice fresh for us
#39: good grapefruit juice
"Mechoui Alley": We visited the stand that was 2nd to last (from the square) and got a 1/2 kg for roasted lamb. terrifically tender and delicious with a bit of ras al hanout.
#75: decent harira soup with lemon wedges
#70: decent ginseng tea and spice cake

We didn't like:
#59: the man was reluctant to squeeze fresh juice for us and when we gave him a 10dh coin for the 4dh juice, he gave us a 5 back and shrugged/smiled as if he were taking a tariff for the squeezing
#5: harira soup was good but they blatantly tried to overcharge us, first quoting 90dh and then 9dh and then 14dh for 2 soups and an "extra" they dropped off.
#4: got nuts and dried fruit but they definitely tried to overcharge us.

An upscale restaurant that's run entirely by women. We got the pigeon bastilla (excellent - our favorite bite of the trip), the lamb tagine with eggplant, and the mezze of "salads." The meal overall was good but the bastilla alone was worth the visit.

Lovely rooftop terrace on top of the museum with decent food good. We split the menu du jour, which included a selection of 5 "salads" (lentils, yams, lima? beans, cabbage, and green beans), chicken bastilla (a bit dry and lacking crisp but fine), fresh strawberries, and a "juice" (basically a cold mint tea with lime, like a virgin mojito). Certainly not the most authentic dining experience, but fine enough.

Nice rooftop terrace where we had cauliflower salad (very good), harira soup (eh), and lamb with with prunes and almonds (just OK). Nothing to write home about, but good for an "easy" if inauthentic meal.

We found the gardens to be a bit of a bore honestly (a tourist trap that wasn't all that interesting), and to top it off I'm fairly certain the milk (cold) that I asked for with my tea is what made me very very VERY sick that afternoon.

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