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$20-$40 Great wines at respectable prices

Icantread | Mar 21, 200801:14 PM

I've seen the threads plenty of times: Great wines under $20, under $15 and even under $10. Many of these wines are great day to day wines, some surprisingly good. In the meantime there's a whole lot more wines today hitting at least my market at those prices and higher which often don't merit their prices. It used to be, even just a few years back, that you easily got really good quality wines just in the $20s. My question is, in this bloated market, what are go-to wines meriting their price tag. For the sake of the thread, I'm capping recommendations at $40 retail (+/- a couple bucks ok). I'll propose three to start:

From Spain:

2005 Miguel Torres Salmos: A very sexy wine. Big, smooth mouthfeel to it. retailed it at $31 though should be found for less.

2004 Mauro Bodegas Mauro: Wow, what a wine! Very nice mouthfeel a little more fruit and currant to it (drank some time ago) and a bit of acid to complement some hearty food. Blown away by the package of it when I drank it. $35 recently


2005 The Prisoner: Blockbuster full throttle fruit bomb. Once it breathed a little, it became quintessential New World. Great fruit from the Zin but more structure from the cab.

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