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14 St/17 Ave SW Cgy- flurry of activity.


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14 St/17 Ave SW Cgy- flurry of activity.

John Manzo | May 24, 2007 04:47 PM

I live about a block south of this intersection and it's very interesting how much has been happening here lately.

-Cuppagogo, the little franchise that could, is no more. It's now the second location of Hard Disk Cafe, they have a real espresso machine in there now (replacing the farting superauto that CGG had) and it seems sedate and nice. They're open Saturdays and a little later eves now (not so when first opened) and I wish them the best there.

-Tio's, the little Mexican restaurant that could NOT, is gone, and good riddance. After a few months of papered-over windows, it's set to reopen Monday as a paninni place. Counter service (one of the things that Tio's shoud have done), new tables and paint, sandwich menu with cappicola this and salami that (and I hope a nice veal cutlet, but that would be too much to dream in Calgary), espresso bar, and they'll have Mario's gelati. Good to hear- no more having to head all the way to Amato Gelato.

-Restaurant Indonesia, the big Indonesian restaurant that could and did, is dead. One day they were experimenting with a lunch buffet (with, um, no plain steamed rice. I have no idea what that was about), and a week later, shades drawn, and a little hand-lettered sign on the door that reads: "We are CLOSED! The management." No "thanks for your patronage," nothing, really odd. Well, according to paninni man next door, it's being redone as a sushi place. I can't believe this is happening- the west end of 17th has always been this forgotten stepchild and now this. I pray it's good. Not Sumo, please not Sumo. Good space, huge windows and great potential for a patio (unused by Indonesia), this could be great.

-Da Lat, the little Viet-Thai place that could......NOT compete with the one-two punch of Co Do and Noodle King virtually across the street, is no more too, and according to the good people next door at Priape, it will be a tapas place. They have removed the raised patio and are redoing the facades of all over that place, Ghetto Blaster and the little grocery next door. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

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