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10" and 12" Knives

Sneef | Sep 27, 2013 01:26 AM

I recently bought a 10.5" Chefs knife from Global (drop forged).

When it arrived it felt too long... a little unwieldy.

24 hours later i picked up my 8" chefs and said "what is this? a paring knife?" i can hardly use my 8" and 7" knives now, they feel oddly short.... and i am loving the 10.5.

My question?

From your experiences, if i purchase a 12" knife, will i have the same transition do you think? Or is it just that 10" is a very very good length for a knife?

I know this is fairly subjective, so i am just looking for anecdotal tales from anyone who also went from 8 to 10 to bigger.

I am an at home cook, but my kitchen and knives get used all day long.

I use an enormous cutting board.

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