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Need help w/ red pepper roasting--methods & recipes


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Need help w/ red pepper roasting--methods & recipes

Howard-2 | Sep 21, 2003 09:07 PM

For those of you who've roasted regular bell peppers, I'd like to hear what methods you've used to roast them, and then what you add to them. Here's what I've done, with my results:


A propane torch does a really nice job of roasting. It removes the skin very quickly, yet leaves the flesh of the pepper nice and firm. The major negative aspect of a propane torch is that you really have to scrub the blackened cellulose skin off the papper.

Setting them on a gas burner works nicely, but it's time-consuming--you have to pay attention to the peppers and keep turning them to get all the cellulose removed. And I don't think you can accomplish the same thing on an electric burner.

Broiling them in an electric broiler takes the least effort of all--just cut 'em, insert, and return 5 or 7 minutes later. But they seem to get a little mushy.


My favorite dressing for something like this is a little EVOO, some good balsamic, salt & fgp, perhaps a dash of oregano. Are there any other "classic" ways of dressing them, or ways that perhaps are not classic but that still yield a good tasting dish?


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