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Need Help w/ Kitchen Moths


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Need Help w/ Kitchen Moths

NAspy | Sep 3, 2005 04:08 PM

I hope I am posting on the correct board and that someone out there has figured out a way to eradicate these small (quarter-inch), brown and white moths that infest our flour, nuts, cornmeal, oatmeal and other related foods (though not proceesed cold cereals or crackers, oddly enough) that we keep in our cupboard. In larval state, they are about one inch long, white, segmented worm-type things. Yuk.

I live in Los angeles and don't know if they are unique to our area. Our home is a 1927 lath and plaster Spanish style home. I put that in cause I'm wondering if construction materials or type of structure are relevant. A friend nearby has the same problem.

We completely gutted and remodeled our kitchen in 2003 but the moths have now returned. Our only solution thus far is to clear out all shelves of all items where they may live or feed off of, clean the cupboards and buy new stuff. Obviously this is time-consuming, expensive and really inconvenient, b/c one usually discovers the problem when one is in the middle of cooking and needs one's cornmeal for example. They recur every few months or so.

I have refrigerated some items (whole wheat flour, cornmeal), but don't have the refrigerator space to put everything in there.

What are these things and how do I safely get rid of them?

Thanks for any suggestions.

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