Snacks for Your Desk Drawer to Keep Your Day Going

Get your grains in alterna-style. You can grab this granola by the handful from a bag or Tupperware on your lap as you stare at the computer screen and work. Or if you allow yourself a 10-minute break from your desk (which is recommended and actually makes you more focused when you return), you can mix this granola with some Greek yogurt from the fridge in the break room. Remember why they called it the break room? This kind of granola is more interesting than others because it has dried mango and papaya mixed with rolled spelt. That's the alternative grain. We won't let you be mainstream all the time.

Spelt is an ancient cereal grain that is higher in protein than regular wheat. When toasted, its mellow nutty flavor morphs into something reminiscent of coconut. Which makes it a perfect base for a tropical granola full of dried mango, papaya, and pineapple.... Read More