Munchies for 4/20

April 20, more commonly known as 4/20, has grown into an unofficial pot-smoking holiday in American pop culture for decades for many rumored reasons. The real origin? "The true birth of 420 dates back to the early 1970s, when it became the hour of cannabis consumption among high school students in San Rafael," according to LA Weekly and Snopes.com. The group called themselves the Waldos because they met by a certain wall to smoke. The term gradually spread nationwide. So now stoners, weekend warriors, and dabblers alike take the day to celebrate, which means a lot of easy, scrumptious snack food for the munchies many people inevitably get after partaking in a toke. Whether or not these become "special" brownies in your kitchen as you make them, they're chewy, cakey, and fudgy. That's a trio you'll want to munch on for sure, regardless of your state of mind.