Healthy and Easy Dinner Dishes

This easy Crock Pot pork loin roast recipe may appear like your standard meat-and-potatoes Americana meal. Initial impressions aren't always correct, and this would be one of those times. First, that's not necessarily mashed potatoes you see there snuggled between the pork roast and peas. It could be our turnip and pear puree, or our parsnip and cauliflower puree — both healthier options than the standard potato. Also, this roast is drizzled a reduction made from the spiced-balsamic-vinegar-soy-sauce cooking liquid, plus brown sugar.

Here’s an almost effortless recipe that yields luscious, melting slices of long-simmered pork loin with a lovely dark, rich-tasting sauce or—if you have time to reduce it—glaze.... Read More