Take an Edible Tour of Miami's Kampong Gardens

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Miami is home to the only National Tropical Botanical Garden outside of Hawaii. The Kampong is located on the former estate of 19th century botanist and food-obsessed explorer Dr. David Fairchild, who introduced scores of edible plants to the United States, including dates, lemons, quinoa, pistachios, kale, and avocados. So it's no surprise that many of the garden's beautiful trees, shrubs, and plants bear edible fruit, from the now-familiar (mangoes) to the more exotic (peanut butter fruit). Although Hurricane Irma caused significant damage to the grounds in 2017, they're open again for tours, so if you're in the area, email or call ahead to make a reservation to visit—or if you can't get there in person, keep clicking to take a virtual tour of some of The Kampong's tropical fruit trees. —Jen Wheeler