Best Make Ahead Dishes for Brunch

This is not your typical fruit salad. Guests will delight in the mango, papaya, kiwi, and banana, with the added crunch of hazelnuts and slightly bitter cacao nibs. You can peel and dice the mango, papaya, and kiwi ahead of time, but we'd recommend waiting on the banana until just before serving so it doesn't brown overnight. You can also toast the hazelnuts the day before your brunch, remove the skins, and chop them coursely. So then all you have to do on the morning of your brunch is slice the banana, and toss it all with lime, agave nectar, nuts, and nibs.

Not your common bowl of sliced fruit, this salad combines the best of the tropics (mango, papaya, and banana), tossed with cacao nibs and toasted hazelnuts for added crunch and a slight bitterness to offset the sweet fruit. We recommend serving for breakfast with our easy French Toast recipe.... Read More