Best Make Ahead Dishes for Brunch

Get some good brioche or challah bread at your favorite local bakery for this sweet, fruity, decadent breakfast strata that will be the highlight of your brunch. This is one of those recipes where you can do half the steps the day before and throw it in a casserole dish, refrigerate, and then bake the next morning. You make your own salted caramel the day before too. No one will ever want to go to a restaurant for brunch again. Seriously. You're making drippy, salted caramel for a bready, banana creation that will go oh-so well good-quality coffee.

Part dessert, part breakfast, this entirely enjoyable one-pan strata (the Italian version of bread pudding) is a lovely way to feed a crowd for a special occasion. If you’re short on time, you can use purchased caramel sauce. Just be sure so add the salt to taste.... Read More