Comfort Foods We Love

Mashed potatoes are pretty comforting as it is. They're clouds of creamy carb deliciousness. Nothing scary is inside. But below, you have a savory stew of ground beef, carrots, celery, onions, and peas. This ground beef shepherd's pie may not be authentically Irish or English (they would use lamb), but it's some good ol' American cooking. It's filling, warm, and meaty. Bake it until the top gets all golden and bubbly. You could swap out the white mashed potatoes for mashed orange sweet potatoes, but not if that makes you nervous.

A rich, well-seasoned, nicely browned shepherd’s pie is one of the world’s great comfort food dishes. It’s a simple meat stew, spread in a shallow baking dish, covered with mashed potatoes and baked until the whole thing is hot and bubbly, the top golden, crispy around the edges.... Read More