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Atlanta Suggestions Please

by Lisa Antinore 22 years ago

Going to Atlanta for the Fourth of July weekend and wanted some ChowHound advice for the best breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack spots. Also any not-to-be-missed destinations or activities... Thanks a...

La Luncheonette report

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

My wife's being on a diet has put a crimp in my eating out lately; but last night I managed to slip off by myself for a quiet dinner at La Luncheonette, on 10th Ave. and 18th Street. The food ...

Montreal - mid priced

by Doug Millar 21 years ago

As a Torontonian, I am ashamed at how unfamiliar I am with Montreal and its restaurants. Everyone should make an effort to get there often. I will be weekending in La Belle Province later in O...

Best Jew Food - To Go!

by luscioustarshis 22 years ago

Okay, so it looks a bit skanky but trust me -- G&M on (41 Essex Street/254-5370) is the best place to get wonderful stuffed cabbage, noodle kugel, stuffed derma and carrot tzimmes. There's no place...

Restaurant Size/ USC

by Michele Fuchs 21 years ago

I am so surprised that you did not like Union Square Cafe. It happens to be one of my favorites! I am also confused by your problem with the size. I don't think it is a large restaurant. There a...

latino food - nassau-suffolk border

by Deborah Firestone 21 years ago

I am looking for any good Latino food in the area around nassau-suffolk border, preferably north shore. But if it's good, I'll travel. Thanks.

alley's end

by patricia 21 years ago

we had a surprisingly lovely dinner at alley's end recently. the restaurant itself is lovely, the service was thoughtful, and the food is above average - verges on inspired, portions are genero...

Best Sushi Places?

by Grace Toy 21 years ago

Hi, I was just wondering what everyone thought were the best sushi places in Manhattan...for cheap to moderately expensive prices... Thanks a lot, Grace Toy gtoy.com@juno.com

Tomoe Sushi Is Closed...

by Amy Tarshis 21 years ago

well, just until 7/8. Can anyone reccommend any other really worthwhile sushi spots in the NYU area or even East Village? I once heard of a place that was well known to be "the first sushi sp...

Main Course in New Paltz

by Jeremy Osner 21 years ago

The Main Course is a really good restaurant. It's located in a shopping center on Main Street, outside of the downtown area. The menu doesn't make great reading -- they go for the menu style of ...

Chinatown with kids, and special dinner

by b.g. 21 years ago

We're planning to take our children to Chinatown next Monday after a museum visit uptown. Are there any particular recommendations? They're not chow-mein and egg-drop eaters, but we're not wildly...

Brunch at Dock's

by Dan Sonenberg 21 years ago

As my posts have by now probably revealed, I'm a chowhound trapped on the Upper West Side--a fairly dire fate. The UWS brunch scene has always seemed to me to be near-catastrophic, with long li...

A great sandwich--La Piccola Cucina

by Dan Sonenberg 21 years ago

For an absolutely stunning sandwich, I recommend La Piccola Cucina, which is located on the east side of Broadway between 106th and 107th st. They use fresh, crusty Italian peasant bread and ha...

Indian in Jackson Heights

by Deborah Pastor 22 years ago

Last week, a friend and I made our first, long-overdue foray into Jackson Heights for Indian food. We went to the Jackson Diner, of course. It was very good: the palak paneer was velvety and rich...

Long Island City

by rich k 21 years ago

I have to be in LIC this Friday. Its not an are of the City that I get to often. Are ther any restaurants worth sticking around for or should I head to Astoria or Williamsburg instead. any sugge...

Lunch near World Trade Center

by Peter 21 years ago

Anyone know of any good reasonably priced places near the World Trade Center?


by ruth 21 years ago

Has anyone been to Bottino on 10th (bet 24th-25th)? I've read one bad review. Just curious

Pizza continued--Polistina's

by Dan Sonenberg 21 years ago

After all this pizza talk I was happy to be invited out last night to Polistina's. Overall I was pleasantly surprised. We had a regular large pie, and it really fired well on all cylinders. E...


by pam 21 years ago

I am looking for a good cheap breakfast place somewhere in the vicinity of Union Square...any suggestions?

Fish at Sripraphai

by Alan Divack 21 years ago

We went with some friends last night, and had the best Thai fried fish in chili sauce that I had ever had. It was a particular surprise, since the last time we had ordered the dish there it was...

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