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by Anthony Bourdain 20 years ago

You've gotta feel bad for the folks at DARTAGNAN--at the busiest time of the year--probably their biggest year--when everybody is clamoring for foie gras, they have had to recall and destroy over 6...

Italian food newsgroup (in Italian)

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

Again a reminder to those reading Italian that the recipes posted on it.hobby.cucina have been amazing. Today someone requested a recipe for Artichoke ravioli with bottarga, a dish from Alghero, Sa...

Opinions on Cafe Meze?

by Josh Mittleman 20 years ago

Cafe Meze, on Rt. 100 in Hartsdale, got a surprisingly good review in this weekend's Times Westchester section. Has anyone tried it lately? We considered it once, because it bills itself as "Med...


by William Fox 20 years ago

Avoid at all costs: The former Yesterday's is now called Moonraker. The view is the same but the food is bad enough to give TGI Friday's a good name. Whom to blame? The public, that's whom. The ...

New in Broward

by William Fox 20 years ago

A great new place just opened in Ft. Lauderdale called Grandma McGillicuddy's. By day it's a Brooklyn-style luncheonette, and that includes serving egg creams with Fox's U-Bet. By night, two terri...

best fresh ricotta in NYC?

by melissa 20 years ago

Does anybody have a strong opinion on where to get the best fresh ricotta in NYC? Downtown Manhattan preferable.

French rabbit recipes and website

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

http://www.rex-du-poitou.com The Poitou area is near Cognac (and the extraordinary Pineau wine is produced here). Local recipes are posted (in French) for varied rabbit dishes: with ginger, blanque...

cuban-chinese fare

by jennifer kalb 21 years ago

Yesterday, a walk down memory lane. When I was still a child, a more mature person introduced me to the pleasures of the "comidas criolla chinas y latinas" joints. There were many such establish...

Five Points

by matt 20 years ago

My wife and I are eating at Five Points this thursday night. we've heard good things; are there any do's and dont's? any surprises to look for?

ess-a-jesse that there's still a great one

by Jesse 20 years ago

Had some ess-a-bagel yesterday. Been about 9 months. Forgot how much I miss those things. A bagel that your teeth sink so deeply and softly into. None of that ripping tugging rubber crap. And ...

Why the wait at Bouley Bakery

by Steve Plotnicki 20 years ago

Having read the threads below about Bouley Bakery, I thought I'd post some observations about the various delays that occur there. First lets deal with seating. Certain "regular" customers reques...

Kissing at ten a.m., preferably in the Village

by Anne 20 years ago

Look, I know this is a fairly insane query (feel free to snicker), but where else would I hope to find the answer? I'm coming into the city in mid-December to meet my on-line love for the first ti...

Halcyon and Mark's

by Judith 20 years ago

Has anyone had dinner at either of these restaurants? If so, how was the service, food, atmosphere?

Laksa Recepy

by Tord Svenson 20 years ago

Gary Cheong wrote -- "Penang's laksa is not the Singaporean version that Natasha is looking for. The broth is tamarind based instead of the coconut milk based. My preference is for the Singaporean ...

speaking of Thai Food

by Sandy Paik 21 years ago

Has anyone been to Thai Food on east 7th street (I think it is between 2nd and 3rd, though it might be between 3rd and 4th). I ate there awhile ago and haven't had a chance to go back. Good an...

Indian recipe website

by Allan Evans 20 years ago

Thanks to the extraordinary messages bobbing up on the Italian food newsgroup (rec.hobby.cucina), this fine website, with detailed recipes from regions of India and technical advice was posted toda...

Looking for the best Dim Sum

by Steve Plotnicki 20 years ago

I recently had the pleasure of having dim sum at Yank Sing in San Francisco and thought it was terrific. Does anybody know of a place in NYC or the tri-state area that is as good? Also, general dim...

Okay, listen close!

by Keith 20 years ago

So, I close this site out, try to get back in and I end up on an adult site...What? So, I says to myself (no, not What a Wonderful World), hmmm! Let's try this again...same thing! OH WAIT... I...

help in silicon valley/palo alto!

by Sandy Paik 21 years ago

i'm lookin for good eats out here in silicon valley...any suggestions?

Our Dinner at Le Bernadin (long)

by Daniel Sonenberg 20 years ago

As promised, here is a belated report of our special dinner out at Le Bernadin last Thursday. It was my girlfriend's birthday and I wanted to take her some place special (also pushing on our one y...

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