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by P. Powers 20 years ago

We just had rijstafel for the first time in Amsterdam. Anyone know if there is a restaurant in the Chicago area where this is available?

CENDRILLON: an oasis in SoHo

by Jessica Shatan 20 years ago

Hey folks, I'll try to be brief... Enjoyed a very pleasent meal at Cendrillon (45 Mercer, bet. Broome and Grand). It's phillipino, quiet, nice jazz in the background, exposed brick, cool sculptur...

strange fruit in noodle kugel

by Betty 20 years ago

Prunes, apples, raisins, these seem normal to me, but pineapple? Is is just a geographic failing of Okiness or is pineapple an odd thing to encounter in a sweet noodle kugel? Is is good? (I mean wo...

Good NYC Italian Restaurant

by Maria Pryor 20 years ago

My family and I will be visiting NYC in early May to see the Lion King and are looking for a really good Italian Restaurant. Any suggestions?

Balducci's Brodetto

by Heidi 20 years ago

In Balducci's mail-order and website catalog is a prepared dish called brodetto. Described as their version of an Italian dish, it includes lamb in what looks like a tomatoe-y sauce, topped with a ...

A Table??

by Eric R. 20 years ago

Anyone tried this touted French in Brooklyn? It does "read" well.

Rainy day Chow?

by Paul 20 years ago

My plans are finalized for my upcoming trip to NY. I will be in town 5/10 thru 5/12. If you see someone driving around the city with a Mass. plate "FOOD", that will be me! I am booked for the "F...

Spanish Ethnic Foods: Rice Pudding

by RuSs_ 20 years ago

anyone have any information on this particular food or the recipe and ingredients list?..Any information can help Thank you (Just post the information)

Good find, bad find

by Heidi 20 years ago

Last thursday , on a tip, we trekked to Snow rd, in Parma near the Cleveland-Hopkins airport in search of Vietnamese food and found the little gem called Tay-do. It is billed as Vietnamese-Chinese...

Quisp Article in WSJ

by Bill 20 years ago

There is a pretty long feature article in today's (4/24) Marketplace section of the Wall Street Journal. Talks about the how the web revived the brand. Unfortunately the WSJ online version is a ...

Los Angeles Board on the move

by Tom Armitage 20 years ago

Thanks to newcomers like Jenji, John K., Pepper, Ethan, and Mal, the Los Angeles board has been getting a lot more high quality posts than previously. Yeah for the Los Angeles board. Hope the tre...

Seeking advice from Flushing experts (Lisa?) . . .

by Christina Z. 22 years ago

I'd like to start exploring the ethnic eateries in my neighborhood (Flushing) but there is such a bewildering number and variety, I need some good Chowhound recommendations (haven't steered me wr...

Kimchi -- Japan vs. Korea

by Jeremy Osner 20 years ago

Sorry to poste this a day late; yesterday's NY Times business section had a pretty interesting article about Kimchi. Korea is trying to get governing international bodies to regulate kimchi, so tha...

Cayo and Pasadena Restaurants in General

by Tom Armitage 20 years ago

Maybe it was because I was exhausted from a trying week at work and wanted to be at home, rather than eating out with a friend. Maybe I was just in a funk. But, after having dinner at Cayo in Pas...

A good meal in the Valley

by Rob Vinson 20 years ago

Is there any good food in the San Fernando Valley? Particularly the West Valley.

Hidden Treasure in Marina Del Rey

by Bob 20 years ago

I had the most affordable and wonderful lunch today at Blue Parrot Gear and Grill at 590 Washington Blvd (310) 577 5080. I ordered the 2 taco combo, I chose ahi and salmon. It came with choice...

Please help me find a good, cozy bar...fast!

by Jeff Shore 20 years ago

My company is having a party. We need to find a nice, not-so-trendy bar. We want a place that is not too trendy (read: expensive!) but still has a character of its own (read: please, not "Yankee ...

Ethiopian t'ef

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Does anyone know wheter t'ef is still banned from export from Ethiopia? It used to be, I believe, that any t'ef found in this country had been smuggled in, with ramifications for the potential star...


by rhubarb 20 years ago

any comments?

Ben & Jerry's free cone day

by Seth Ditchik 20 years ago

I don't know if anyone has noticed, but today (April 18th) is free cone day at Ben & Jerry's shops across America. THEY'RE GIVING OUT FREE ICE CREAM!!!

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