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Any grocery stores with Passover items near Allentown or Reading PA?

by Adree1 1 year ago

Hi, My daughter lives in between Allentown,PA and Reading, PA and due to social isolation rules this year is having issues obtaining Kosher for Passover items. Normally she comes home and we supply...

Coconut Flour for Passover

by moonlightgraham 11 years ago

As per Vallevin 's suggestion, I decided to start a new thread for this topic. Coconut flour is gluten free, non kitnyiot, and non gebrokhts. It would generally be a better alternative for Passove...

Aviv fruit and nut bars

by ALITIN 3 years ago

I have not been able to locate these bars this year even though they are listed in the OU guide as kosher for Passover. Has anyone seen them and know where I can obtain some?

kosher picante sauce

by runtexas 8 years ago

Now that Pace Picante Sauce is no longer certified kosher, I have had a hard time finding kosher picante sauce. Any recommendations? I am not looking for salsa or taco sauce (yes, there is a diff...


by chicago maven 10 years ago

The latest Passover information can now be found on the cRc website. www.crcweb.org

Beyond Meat - Now Kosher but...

by shaytmg 8 years ago

I have been reading a lot about Beyond Meat which is backed by two of the Twitter co-founders. They received their hasgacha a few months ago from the Star K, and my local Whole Foods finally got s...

Kosher White Truffle Oil

by Kosher Goose 18 years ago

Does anyone know of a brand of white truffle oil that is kosher with some respectable certification? I can't find one anywhere. Thanks!

is quail kosher?

by Ari A. 17 years ago

I'm confused... the first two links on google have contradictory answers. http://www.star-k.org/cons-faqs-status.htm http://www.sallys-place.com/food/single-articles/whats_kosher.htm Thanks!

Chof Q Certification - Aldi

by Al134 2 years ago

For anyone who is not sure, Chof Q is a valid kosher hasgacha. It is not cholov Yisroel. It is run by Rabbi Spero in Canton Ohio. They are small and that's why they are off the main list. His numbe...

Freezing Matzoh Balls

by Neshka 2 years ago

Is it better to freeze matzoh balls cooked or uncooked?

Lamb Experts: in the quest for "melt off the bone" meat -- shanks vs shoulder? Oven vs slow cooker?

by fmogul 4 years ago

Anyone ever make the Zahav lamb shoulder? I love lamb but almost never cook it. My wife's birthday is coming up. She loves lamb shanks, so I was thinking of adapting the recipe (well, dumbing it do...

nitrate free hot dogs?

by Haber 13 years ago

Does anyone know of a nitrate free kosher hot dog? it doesn't have to be glatt....

Syrian food in great neck

by KosherKing 6 years ago

Suggestions for takeout Syrian food for Shabbos? Preferably in the great neck area.

Kosher sheep feta

by Twinsx2mom 2 years ago

I am looking for Kosher sheep feta in the NYC area. Costco used to carry Tnuva, but discontinued it. Trader Joes also had an Israeli sheep feta. Both were very good. Galil has one with a bad t...

Fresh Kosher Turkey

by Sussanna 2 years ago

Hi all. Where can I get a fresh kosher turkey in New Haven or Fairfield County?

Yogurt Starter - Any pareve or chalav Yisroel out there?

by MaineKosher 12 years ago

I'm trying to make kosher chalav Yisroel yogurt at home. My little one, and us, love it. We stock up whenever in NY or Boston or Montreal but it's so easy to make at home. Problem is, the on...

Walden Farms blue cheese dressing

by EvanM 2 years ago

Walden Farms blue cheese dressing is now ou pareve. Has anyone tried it? Is it good. Creamy. Natural in other ways. And what about their balsamic, it says it is made with real Balsamic... But is lo...

Cocolate pudding mix with almond milk

by EvanM 2 years ago

Jello low sugar chocolate pudding is OK pareve. The instructions say that if you make it with soy milk it will not set. What about other non-dairy alternatives? Can I make it with almond milk or ca...

Kosher Symbol

by Chortkov 18 years ago

I just came across a kosher symbol ( a Q with a Kof in the middle). Does anyone know any information regarding this certifying agency (or at least point me to where I can find the information myse...